Mil Std Prime Paint Powder Coating and Silk Screening

Mil Standard Prime, Paint, Powder Coating, Silk Screening

JM Fabrication has an in-house division where wet paint and powder coating can be applied in paint booths before heading to the curing oven. This allows us to paint or powder coat both small and large material quantities which cuts down on lead times and gives us more control over production and quality processes. In addition, our technicians are fully qualified in silk-screening as well. By maintaining these procedures internally, we can ensure that the finish fits the clients’ exact specifications and deliver a more rapid turnaround. We pre-treat the components with either a 10-step chemical film process for aluminum parts or a 3-step phosphatizing approach for steel parts to ensure optimal quality and paint adherence. Our network of suppliers also offer a wide range of additional metal finishes, including plating, coating, heat-treating, and silk-screening too. Because one quality standard governs all processes, our customers can be confident of outstanding quality from start to finish.