Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical/ Electromechanical Assembly and Sub Assembly

Electromechanical assemblies are often found in electrical and electronic systems and consist of a variety of electromechanical components and subassemblies that perform a wide range of functions. Mechanical assembly is the process of incorporating these components and subassemblies into a cohesive system that can produce more advanced functionality. Essentially, these are mechanical components that are designed to work as a unit to perform a complex electronic function. Due to the wide differences in the industries that require this technology, the importance of the mechanical/electromechanical aspects and reliability are critical to proper functioning even in the most extreme environment.

To ensure that we meet and exceed the standards set by our customers, JM Fabrication has a team of highly skilled technicians available. These technicians are capable of reading and interpreting blueprints, handling small, intricate, and delicate pieces, checking for faulty components, and final assembly completion. Keeping this department in-house allows us greater control and flexibility over the product and process. This also gives JM Fabrication the ability to offer these services not just for individual components but complete systems as well.

Our engineering team is highly skilled with extensive manufacturing expertise to design components for ease of production and cost savings from creating a straightforward sheet metal component or a complicated assembly with moving parts. Our engineers support customers with design, planning/development, optimization, documentation, and manufacturing execution, whether the product is in the prototype, pilot, production, or re-design phase. The engineering staff is always delighted to work with customers, no matter where they are in the design and manufacturing process, and help them:

  • Ensure engineering accuracy,
  • Reduce manufacturing costs,
  • Reduce parts and tooling costs, and
  • Guarantee high-quality, reliable finished products